Three Wishes

It's My 3 Wishes Wednesday!!!
I based my "Wednesday Wishes" off of this weeks novel pick 
Enthusiasm by: Polly Shulman

I picked this piece because it's super cute with a little humor 
behind it... Gotta love the handcuffs! 
"Best Friend~Partners In Crime" can be found at
 on Etsy

Everyone loves these shirts and it reminded me of 
Ashleigh in the novel ~ she dreamed it and became it!
You can find these at 

TeeShirts24 on Etsy

K, I saved the best for last!!  Because Ashleigh took her 
BFF on all her adventures I fell in LOVE with these!  Based
on the Alice in Wonderland theme ~ necklaces that you and your
BFF wear that say "eat me" or "drink me"  there are others to 
choose from and you can find these super cute BFF necklaces at

choumie7 on Etsy

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