These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things!

Christmas is one of my "favorite things"!  I love this time of year ... usually.  However, this season our home has been hit hard by the flu that has been ravaging families across our great country.  So far, more time has been spent washing up floors from missed "sickness runs" to the bathroom, or trying to keep fevers down while cooking Chicken Noodle Soup for those adventurous enough to try eating.  I'm thinking our house is in need of a good miracle to get us moving towards the best Christmas ever!  And that is exactly what I did ... I pulled out my own "Christmas Spirit" miracle.

Here is the perfect remedy!

These are two of my all time favorite Christmas reads!  I have had these books on my shelf for years now and every year I re-read them from front to cover.  They are absolutely perfect for the holiday season.

There is something about reading true Christmas experiences that tug at the heart strings.  Christmas Miracles get you to look at things from a different perspective.  When I am reading these short stories, I am reminded that life is good and there are amazing people all around us.  I am also reminded that miracles still do happen!  We just have to look for them.  Albert Einstein said, "There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is."  If you believe in miracles -- or want to -- let Christmas Miracles light the candle of hope in your heart this year.

If you want to know more about these books ... keep reading below:

Snow Like Ashes Prize!!!

Okay, so it took me a little longer then I thought for the glue to dry on our prize for the giveaway! But now it's done and here it is.

I asked Sara Raasch what her favorite quote from the book and this is it...
But that's not all!  When I was reading, there was a line in the book that jumped out at me.  It was love at first read.  So I just had to make a second with my quote to go along with Sara's ...
The winner will win both!!!  So spread the news around and be the winner of our Snow Like Ashes Giveaway!!!

Snow Like Ashes

Okay, so I just finished Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch. 
There is just one thing to say about this book ... I wish I would have read it earlier.  It's amazing!  I have been holding out for a good book that I just can't seem to put down and, well, this is it. 
excited gifs photo: so excited excitement.gif
Our hero is 16 year old Meira, one of the few surviving Winterians.  16 years ago, Spring massacred the Kingdom of Winter, destroying their magic and killing their Queen.  A handful was able to escape the evil clutches of Spring and now those 8 survivors are the only hope the Winterians have.  The orphan Meira has trained her whole life to be a warrior and to protect her best friend and Winters future King, Mather (Love interest #1).  With blond hair, blue eyes and a body to kill for, you can't help but love him right from the start. 

Later in the book we meet Love Interest #2.  The Prince of Cordell Theron (my personal  favorite, yup that's right.  As of book 1 I'm team Theron.)  I could go on and on about why I feel this way but I guess you will just have to read it for yourself and find out why he is so amazing.   lol

After Theron's dad, the King of Cordell turns out to be a real jerk, the fighting begins.  A war is fought and Meria is taken prisoner.  Thrown into the work camps with the rest of the Winterians, Meira sees what they have gone through for the past 16 years and it's heart breaking. 

This is where I must stop because I don't want to give spoilers.  You just need to read the book!  I will say, there is more fighting, kissing and (of course) hot boys ... so run don't walk to the nearest book store and buy this book today!  Or sit on Santa's lap and ask him for it ASAP.

But hold on ... there is a giveaway as well to go with this book! 

The picture is to come but here is a hint ... I asked Sara Raasch what her favorite quote was from Snow Like Ashes and the prize has something to do with that.

Good Luck!

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Wish #1

Some People are worth melting for - "Some people are worth melting for" with heart and snowflake design stamps, and framed gem charm. Chain length measures 17". Would make a neat gift for any Disney fan!
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Wish #2

Red Magnetic CHALKBOARD - Beautiful gloss apple red vintage inspired frame turned chalkboard. Perfect size for a kitchen to add elegance and function! We can customize the frame in any color to match your decor perfectly. 

Red Magnetic Chalkboard

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Wish #3

The Parent's Voice Book Storyteller - LOVE THIS!!

This is the storytime buddy that lets you prerecord any picture book so a child can hear it read in your voice. Ideal for loved ones who can’t be there at bedtime or story hour, the device clips to the cover of any illustrated hardback or paperback and records your voice as you read the book page by page; you can also insert personal messages or include your own sound effects or other special touches. The recorder recognizes each page visually, so if a child skips to the end or flips back to the beginning, the narration switches accordingly.
Parents' Voice Recorder Storybook

Books Coming out In December!!

It's the start of a new month!  In fact, it's the last month of 2014!  What a great way to finish off the year.  So many amazing books are coming out this month it shouldn't be hard to find a gift for that reader in your life.  I know what books I'm excited for ... what about you?  What are you looking forward to reading to finish off 2014?

Keep reading to find out more about the books coming out this month.


To those of you in the USA, "Happy Thanksgiving".  This is one of my favorite holidays.  It's a day to remember exactly what you are thankful for and to spend it with those you love.  It's this time of year that I miss family ... something I am so very grateful for.  Today, I have put together a list of books that are Thanksgiving worthy...

I am always looking for a good book for the holidays.  Keep reading to find out what all these books, for all ages, are all about...

Heartlines Cover Reveal!

Today we have the cover reveal for S. G. Holster’s HEARTLINES. I’m so thrilled to be bringing this gorgeous cover to you!!   Title: Heartlines Author: S. G. Holster Genre: Paranormal romance Release Date: December 30th front only About Heartlines: BRETT3 Sometimes in battle surrender is the strongest move of all. Brett Owen, the son of a Sentori leader, promised himself he’d never do the work of his brotherhood - killing reborn souls. He’d been naive to make such a vow. He’d been naive about a lot of things – such as the bond of family and love.   Taunted by a Sentori hunter, Brett does whatever he can to survive, even if it means embracing his dark Sentori side and earning the unwanted attention of the Sentori leaders. His life had never looked so frantic. And all the while, his true family is infecting his heart and mind. When his heart is tied to an unexpected soul, he finds himself fighting for a future he desperately wants to live to see. It becomes clear that whatever freedoms Brett is hoping to win will not be gained without a fight. Fragile lives that had been carefully woven together will be ripped apart swiftly and easily. Faith is betrayed. Remorse and innocence intertwine. Fate and chance collide to mend the tattered strands of Brett’s heart in the shocking conclusion to the Thirty Seconds To Die Series. Goodreads   Catch up on the series now!! Thirty Seconds To Die Goodread | Amazon | BN Terrible Lies Goodreads | Amazon | BN   About S. G. Holster me (1)S.G. HOLSTER lives in California with her husband and their two daughters. She is the author of the THIRTY SECONDS TO DIE series. The third and final book in the series, Heartlines, will be published late in 2014. Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Website | Email Heartlines book cover (final) Enter S.G.'s giveaway! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Mockingjay Party!!

Well at last it's here! Mockingjay Part 1 will be officially released on Friday. If you're as excited as I am, you are probably planning what to do for your Mockingjay parties. I have put together some ideas on how to make the perfect Mockingjay party....


Invitations set the tone for the type of party you want to have. Here are some fun ideas on how to reap your fellow tributes.


Now it's time to decorate! I love the idea of the wire fence around you front porch "Welcome to District 12".


Now food in the districts were not that great. Living off of squirrel meat and stale bread does not sound like good party food to me, here are a few more appealing options.


I am a strong believer in never sending your guests home empty handed so here are some cute favors to send them on their way with. 

I hope this helps you out with the Mockingjay festivities and may the odds be ever in your favor.

National Kindness Day Is Today!!!!

All week we have been blogging about kindness. Today is the day, "National Kindness Day" ... so I have been racking my brain on what to post for such an awesome occasion.  (Let's face it.  The world needs a little more kindness in it.)  This is what I came up with ... 

We blog about books and our fictional heroes almost everyday but today I'm going to take a break and talk about the real life ones.  These are the ones that show incredible kindness even when sometimes they shouldn't. I know there have been many times in my life where kindness has affected me for the better ... like getting food for my kids and when I pull up at the drive through they inform me the car in front of me already paid for my food.  Or when I have done my own act of kindness and see the smile on the face of a stranger that is having a worse day than mine.  It makes life worth living. So here we go.  Most of these people you probably have never heard of before but they are the angels on earth, trying to make a difference in at least one person's life.

Act of Kindness #1
Caitlin Prater-Haacke
On Sept. 25, somebody broke into Caitlin Prater-Haacke’s locker at school and used her iPad to post a Facebook status update that told her to die, she said.  Instead of letting it upset her, Prater-Haacke decided to respond with kindness and put up positive post-it notes on every locker before students arrived for school.

“Bullying is not necessarily addressed, and people get really down about it.  I wanted to do something positive — it was about due time,” Prater-Haacke said.

The community then banded together to launch a new anti-bullying campaign called "Positive Post-It Day", which encourages people to leave anonymous notes of kindness for one another.

The Staples store gave away Post-it notes to support the campaign.

One of the students who recieved a post it note said many students kept Prater-Haacke’s positive messages because the notes made them feel special.

Act of Kindness #2
Jorge Munoz
Jorge Munoz is one of the most inspiring people you'll ever meet.  A school bus driver by day and an angel by night.  Every night for the past 5 years, he with the help of his family, has gone home and cooked food for hundreds of people on his old stove.  He then goes to a street corner in Queens, New York and feeds those that are hungry.  He does this with his own money and donations he receives because "it's the right thing to do".  He is a man that wants to help, and is the epitome of an everyday hero. 

Act of Kindness #3
Mark and Ismini Svensson
Mark and Ismini Svensson have traveled plenty.  Instead of the big wedding or a honeymoon, they've been crossing the country in hopes of helping those who could use it.
The New York couple has spent the last two years doing the "50 Acts of Giving Back" -- the challenge they're determined to complete instead of relaxing in their newly married bliss. They've been on a mission to shed light on causes they believe in and complete random acts of kindness in every U.S. state -- from giving out meals to homeless people in Missouri and showing rescue animals love in Florida, to donating gifts to sick kids in Arkansas and supporting domestic abuse victims in Utah.

The couple had the money for a wedding reception, but decided to use those savings and travel across all 50 states instead.

"We both realized that what makes us happiest is helping people in need," she told CNN

So many amazing stories out there. Today let's try to be a little kinder.  Give someone a sticky note and tell them they're beautiful or pay for someones hot chocolate at Starbucks. Lets pay it forward!

3 Wishes Wednesday!!!

It's 3 Wishes Wednesday

Wish #1
Custom Kindness warms the heart Vinyl Mug by PersonalizedJewellz

A perfect for a gift that you can "make it your own" by These custom decals that are a perfect addition to any mug or glass.  With these decals, turn any mug, glass, or water bottle into a unique and personalized accessory. They make wonderful holiday gifts.  
These measure 3" wide and just under 2.5" tall.

Wish #2

Share your favorite Rod Works items on Pinterest and receive $5 off your order! Recipe for Happiness Sign - Rod Works

LOVE THIS AND NEED TO HAVE THIS!!!  I think this is something I need to be reminded of daily.  
The Recipe for Happiness sign is a PERFECT mix of life lessons selected for 
bringing happiness into your life.  Weathered finish, mixed fonts, and bright colors 
combine in this metal sign to create its style

Hand stamped inspirational pendant necklace  by iiwiiemporium

What a beautiful reminder, Practice Kindness - A sweet reminder of how you can do your part to make the world a better place.  This tag is made using a 1” 14 gauge aluminum disc with a brushed finish and each one is individually hand stamped.  

"Kindness Party" Week!

As you may already know, this Thursday is "World Kindness Day" and here at My Title Wave we are having a "Kindness Party" this week!

Hopefully all of you are trying to figure out some act of kindness you can do.  It would be amazing to see a little more thoughtfulness ... an outreached hand to lift up those in need ... in the world today.  Try to focus this week on "small-acts-of-kindness" or "pay-it-forward" moments you can create!  Because ...

Recently I read an article that focused on kindness.  In it, they talked about all the benefits we can give our children by teaching them to be kind to others.  Not only does it help those on the receiving end, but it also helps the one giving the service.  Without going into tons of details, here are the things your child will learn from being kind.

They will be more happy and caring.
They will have increased peer acceptance.
They will have a greater sense of belonging and improved self-esteem.
They will have improved health and less stress.
They will have increased feelings of gratitude.
They will have better concentration and improved results.
There will be a reduction in depression.

And ultimately ... there will be less bullying.

In the article, Patty O'Grady, PhD, an expert in neuroscience, emotional learning, and positive psychology ... stated this:

“Kindness changes the brain by the experience of kindness. Children and adolescents do not learn kindness by only thinking about it and talking about it. Kindness is best learned by feeling it so that they can reproduce it.”

That got me thinking.  What better way to get a child to "feel" something than by reading them a story.  I find so many expressions can be felt by the written word.  I have read books with my family where we have laughed together, swooned together, were scared together, and cried together.  So, in honor of our "Week of Kindness" on My Title Wave, I compiled a list of books that children will love!  Each book has a similar message ... being kind to others.

My challenge to you is to pick one book to read together with your children.  However, don't just read it ... stop and discuss what they are hearing.  Get them to express their feelings to you.  And at the end, ask them what they learned from listening to the story.  You will be amazed at what insight these precious young ones may have.

Read further to learn more about the books pictured.

A Week Of Kindness

November is here and for those of you in the U.S., Thanksgiving is on it's way. This week is Kindness Week so things here at My Title Wave are going to be based around kindness. To kick off this week, it's time for a book review.  The book I chose to review was once again an author I had the chance to meet at the Vegas Valley Book Festival. : )
Sarah Ockler's, The Book of Broken Hearts, was a book that hit close to home. Jude is the youngest in a family of girls, I loved how each of these girls had their roll in the family and when the family is dealing with hard things, these traits came out. Jude has grown up her whole life with one rule ... stay away from the Vargas brothers! They are notorious heartbreakers. Eapecially after one of the Vargas brothers cheats on Jude's sister, breaking off their engagement, Jude and her sisters make a pact in blood and forever sealed in the Book of Broken Hearts. never to be broken.

Years later, Jude is the only one living at home and is spending her summer trying to hold on to the one thing that she believes will keep her Papi with them. Jude's Papi has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and it's progressing rapidly.  The only time Jude sees her Father for who he truly is, is when they are fixing up his vintage Motorcycle. The only problem is that the only person who will fix the bike is non-other than the youngest Vargas brother, Emilio. She swears never to tell her sisters and before she knows it, she is caught in the Vargas trap and is starting to fall in love.  What will her sisters say? Will the restoration of the bike help her dad? Well ... you're going to have to read the book to find out.

Jude is one of the most selfless characters I have ever read about. She has stopped her life to take care of her dad who can't be left alone. Leaving behind the epic summer she was supposed to have with her best friends.

You can't help but fall in love with Emilio with his amazing dimple and cocky personality.  (Sorry.  I just love my bad boys.)

I think my favorite thing about this book is the sense of family. I love how close they are (which made the deterioration of Papi hard to handle at times), Oh ... and I have never wanted to make empanadas more in my life than I did while reading this book.

Needless to say, I loved the book! The language at times was not the best so it's a 17+ book but it's a must read. Just as your heart is breaking, something swoops in to put it back together.  (Mainly a boy named Emilio.)

If you would like to know more about this book, keep reading ...

"Countdown to Mockingjay" Battle

We are pumped up and excited for our next battle ... Are YOU Team Peeta or Team Gale?
But first we need to announce last week's winner.

The votes are in and, if you don't want your children to have nightmares, you should never read them ... Hansel and Gretel!!!  The witch in that story is as bad as they get.
She lures children in with candy and sweetness only to throw them in a cage and fatten them up to eat them!  How did some of these stories ever become "children's classics"?  haha

Now for the next battle:

In honor of the next movie in the Hunger Games series coming out, Mokingjay Part 1, on November 20th ... insert squeal here ; ) ... we will be doing some battles to celebrate!  For this first battle, we want to know who YOU feel Katniss should end up with.

Without further ado ... here are the boys of her heart!

Peeta Mellark
Peeta Mellark is a baker's son in District 12.  He has been in love with Katniss since he was five; however, he did not confess his feelings to her until they were in the 74th Hunger Games together.  

He is great with words.  People love him!  He can charm his way into all the District's hearts. He gave Katniss some of the burnt bread from the bakery and that saved Katniss' family from starvation.  He is strong!  Ow! Ow!  ; ) He can throw huge weights around like they are nothing. He is smart, likeable, described as handsome in the books, and an artist.  He loves and cares about the people around him and will only kill out of self defense for himself or Katniss.  Finnic Odair states that Peeta is one of the only truly good people to survive the arena.   If you want to know what your guy is thinking, Peeta should be yours.  He is truthful and will tell what is on his mind.  Through everything, Peeta will go to extremes to keep Katniss alive.  He was the only male volunteer from District 12 in the second movie because he wanted to have Katniss survive.  

Although it made Katniss very grateful that he gave her the brunt bread, he did not hand it to her.  He threw it which is kind of lame.  Peeta tells how that is a big regret of his.  Peeta is also not a very good fighter.  He is strong, cunning, and can blend in with his camouflage; however, even his parents did not think he had a chance of winning.  Peeta is a bit naive.  He grew up in a pretty comfortable home and did not always see how bad people had it.  Although he loved Katniss since she sang in school at the age of 5, he did not even talk to her until they had to participate in the Hunger Games together.  Peeta noted he was jealous of Gale before he talked to him.

"I still have no idea. The effect you can have."
"You love me, real or not real?"

Gale Hawthorne
Gale Hawthorne is the heart-throb of District 12!  He is Katniss' best friend and hunting partner.  He is in love with Katniss and is forced to watch how she volunteers for the 74th Hunger Games and does a fake romance with Peeta during the games.  

Gale is fiercely devoted to his family.  He will do anything to have them survive.  He is a rebel at heart and a visionary.  Gale also speaks his mind and is truthful.  He hates the capitol and thinks a rebellion would be better than what the capitol wanted.  He is an expert at snares and strategy.  With that skill, he was able to catch many animals for both his family and Katniss'. Katniss and Gale practically live in the woods.  He single-handedly supports his Mom and three younger siblings.  When in the woods, Katniss and Gale laugh together and can forget the world for a split second.  He kept watch and helped feed katniss' family when she was in the Hunger Games.  He will go to any length to protect those that he loves.  

Gale can get very angry and very fast.  Katniss is the person who can control it though.  He is unpredictable and reckless at times.  Gale thinks in black and white and does not look at the grey area very often.  Gale also keeps his walls up.  He likes to be the tough guy and it takes a lot for people to actually get to know him.  He does not let people in emotionally.  

"We could do it you know.  Leave the district.  Run off.  Live in the woods.  You and I, we could make it. "
"People are looking to you, Katniss.  You've given them the opportunity.  They just have to be brave enough to take it."

There you have it!  What do you think of these cuties?  Who will it be?  "Team Peeta" or "Team Gale"?

Cover Reveal!

We're SO EXCITED to reveal the cover of HEARTSICK by Caitlin Sinead today!  HEARTSICK releases from Carina Press in February 2015 and we can't wait for everyone to get their hands on this fantastic book!  In the meantime, check out the awesome cover below!


Quinn is looking forward to her senior year. She has big plans to hang out with her best friend Mandy, flirt with cute boy-genius Rashid, party at her favorite dive bar, and figure out what she’s going to do after graduation with her not-so-useful art major degree. But that is before she meets Luke, a hot townie who moves back home to help take care of his dying sister. And it is before the weird epidemic that starts sweeping campus in which people’s eyes mysteriously turn purple. Is it an odd side effect from a new party drug? Is it a rogue bacteria that was developed in a campus lab? Whatever it is, tensions are heating up as the town starts blaming the university, and the student religious group is convinced that it’s the mark of the devil. Quinn and Luke are caught in the middle, especially when Quinn learns that Luke isn’t just a happy-go-lucky, redneck boy-next-door—he is a detective—a fact that triggers Quinn’s phobia of guns and memories of her deceased uncle. In spite of herself and her desire to remain unattached and independent, Quinn finds herself falling for him. But when town and gown relations heat up even further, and Quinn’s friend Danny mysteriously falls to his death, Quinn vows to discover the truth behind the epidemic. As she searches for the people responsible, she realizes that sometimes to gain your independence, you have to be willing to give a little bit of it up.
Add it to Goodreads HERE!
Preorder it now for just $3.79 - Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Kobo

Excerpt from HEARTSICK

“Did you go to college?”
His jaw is tight. “Yes.”
“Do you think I could guess your major?” I ask.
“Probably not,” he says.
I don’t like that I don’t even get a hint at what he did before or what he studied. I shrug, start on my second hotdog and then lean back, really aiming for a glint in my eye, if that’s possible to control. I’ll make this a game. “Well, do you think you can guess mine?”
He smiles. “Do I get something if I guess right?”
I hop up onto a stool and let the tip of my toe brush against his knee. When I make contact, he starts, before leaning in. “What do you want?”
“I want a lot of things…” He stares at me. “But for now, I’d settle for a second date.”
“Okay, if you can guess my major, on the first try—” I emphasize that bit with a pointed finger, “—then I’ll reluctantly agree to go out with you again.”
“I don’t like the reluctant part, but I’ll take what I can get. Now, let’s see…” He rubs his chin as though he’s an old-timey detective. He’s ready to pace back and forth across the room with a pipe and a deerstalker hat. “You like photography.”
Shit, he does know that. I start to hum the Jeopardy! theme song. Maybe if time is running out he’ll be more likely to guess quickly and get it wrong? Do I want him to get it wrong?
“Okay, I got it.” He rubs his hands together. “You’re an art major.” His cheeks swell with the weight of his smile.
“You got that just because I take pictures?” I rub my forehead.
“I know more than that.”
“Someone told you,” I say. “If this bet was rigged, it doesn’t count.”
He jerks back and shakes his head, frowning. “No, I wouldn’t do that,” he says. “I noticed you had some pottery on your coffee table, with initials on it, a Q. B.?”
I nod. He’s talking about the bowl I made last year. Initials usually go on the bottom, but I painted them big and proud in the middle. And the bowl is empty. Mandy and I haven’t decided what to put in it. We narrowed it down to fake fruit (lame), M&M’S (which we would devour) or Micro Machines. Clearly, we’re leaning toward Micro Machines.
Luke takes my hand. I think he’s trying to convey his earnestness, his respectability and seriousness of not tricking me into a bet. The pads of my fingers brush against his rough palms and I suppress a sigh. His thumb runs along my pointer finger, sliding to the fingernail. “You also have paint under your nails.” His victorious, smug smile is in full bloom.
I pull my hand away, embarrassed. “Yeah, it’s hard to get all the paint off.”
“I’m sure,” he says.

About Caitlin Sinead

Caitlin Sinead is represented by Andrea Somberg at Harvey Klinger, Inc. and her debut novel, Heartsick, will be published by Carina Press in 2015. Her writing has earned accolades from Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, Glimmer Train, and Writers & Artists, and her stories have appeared in multiple publications, including The Alarmist, The Binnacle, Crunchable, Jersey Devil Press, and Northern Virginia Magazine. She earned a master's degree in writing from Johns Hopkins University. Website | Twitter | Facebook | Newsletter

Three Wish Wednesday!

So exciting news ... Yesterday Colleen Houck announced that her Books have a movie director!  We here at My Title Wave are so excited that the movie is going forward and are keeping our fingers crossed that we will see this hit the big screens SOON. Who do you ask is this wonderful director?  None other than Shekhar Kapur!
This got me thinking ... what other books would I like to be made into a movie?  So that is what "Three Wish Wednesday" is all about today.  My Top three books to movies.

Wish 1:
The Selection by Kiera Cass
I know they were trying to make a TV show from these books but it never happened.  I must say, in my opinion, I think it would work much better as a movie.  And, well, who doesn't love Kiera Cass and want the best for her babies?!

Wish 2:
The Star-Crossed Series by Rachel Higginson
Okay ... so this series is not super well know, but let me just say, it's AMAZING (in a singsong voice)!
I fell in love with the characters and would love to see it in the theaters.

Wish 3:
Splintered by A.G. Howard
I think this book would be perfect for the big screen!  I could see it being the next Tim Burton hit starring Johnny Depp.  The dark twisted nature of the book would mesmerize all who watched.

There were so many books, I could make a much longer list but it is only "Three" Wish Wednesday. I had to stop at three.  What would your wish be?  What book would you like to see on the big screen?  Let us know in the comments below.

New Books for November!

Okay It's that time again...A new month which means new books to read!!! Let's have a look at what is coming out this month.

I don't know about you but I am so excited for some of these books! Keep reading to find out more about the November books....

The Taking

Oh my goodness … where do I start!  How about … I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!  I didn’t know what to think when I first picked it up.  It’s not my “usual” read.  However, I was pleasantly surprised.  I was surprised by the characters.  I was surprised by the plot.  I was surprised by how entertainingly brilliant the book was.  It kept me locked in my room, reading … only coming up for air to eat.  The Taking was everything I hoped for and more.

Kyra was the heroine.  She was your typical teenager, trying to figure out what path her life was going to take.  One night, everything changed.  After getting in a fight with her dad, she disappeared.  To Kyra, it seemed like she was only gone for the night.  However, five years had gone by and EVERYTHING had changed.  Life had gone on without her and now she was trying to figure out how she fit in with all the changes.  I don’t want to say too much because part of what I loved most about the book was not knowing what was around the corner.  I liked discovering things as Kyra was discovering them and trying to figure out the puzzle that The Taking revealed so amazingly.

There was a swoon-worthy love interest in the novel.  Kimberly Derting wrote it brilliantly.  Just the right amount of “crushing” to go along with a sixteen year old brain.  It was a sweet relationship that flowed easily and worked perfectly.

The plot was fast moving and kept me hooked throughout the entire book.  There were tons of thrills and secrets that kept me in the roll as “novel-detective” … trying to figure out what was going to happen next.  This was definitely a “can’t-put-down” book!  (This book has already cycled through two others in my family ... Dad/Husband included.  PS - He LOVED it!)

The Taking was an incredible YA paranormal romance.  I absolutely loved it!  And the ending … oh my goodness!  Just read it.  See what I’m talking about.  I’m sure you will love it too!

Here’s a little bit more about what The Taking is all about:
The award for "Best Villain" goes to....

President Snow is the winner - holding the title of the person "no one would want to meet in their life".  I can understand this one!  President Snow would appreciate your vote.  The more you fear him, the more power he holds!  ;)

Now for the next battle:  

Today is Halloween!!!  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  In honor of this holiday, we are going to do one more "Villain" category.  Tell us which female witch haunted your childhood nightmares!  As a child, or now ... these ladies are scary!  Here is your first choice:

The Wicked Witch of The West
The "Wicked Witch of The West" is the malevolent ruler of the Winkie Country.  We are not talking about the character in the play "Wicked" but the witch from the story, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Most of the Wicked Witch's power comes from the creatures she controls.  She has a pack of wolves, a swarm of bees, a flock of crows, and an army of Winkies.  The winged monkeys she has are SCARY!  She strives to get the silver shoes from Dorothy, (yes they were silver in the book), because she constantly wants more and more power.  

Dorothy!  She can't kill Dorothy because she is protected by the Good Witch of the North's kiss.  Instead, she enslaves Dorothy and starves the cowardly lion, resulting in her melting from water.  Even though water can kill her ... she haunted my dreams as a little girl!

"I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog too!"

And now for choice #2:

The Witch in Hansel and Gretel
The Witch in Hansel and Gretel is not the person you would want to meet when wandering the forest.  She illustrates parent's warning, "do not take candy from strangers." 

First, she uses her baking skills to lure kids into her cottage.  Once inside, she gives more and more sweets to try to fatten them up.  Yes ... she eats kids!  If that does not make her scary ... I don't know what else will.  

Her poor eye sight. The kids were able to trick her into thinking they were still skinny and not ready to be eaten yet.  In general, she was easily tricked and that ultimately was her down fall.  Dying in an oven is not a fun way to go.  This witch scared me immensely as a child.  She was "sweet" and "sourly wicked"!

"Hola, Gretel," she cried to the girl, "be active, and bring some water.  Let Hansel be fat or lean, to-morrow I will kill him, and cook him."

Well there you have it!  Two childhood, nightmare-inducing, horrible witches that kept me up late at night hearing noises coming from my closet and under my bed.  You decide, which witch is worse?  Vote now!

Pumpkin carving time!!!

Halloween is just around the corner and it's time to buy the Pumpkins and carve your master pieces.  What to carve you ask?  Well our post today is bringing the books to your pumpkins! I have found some pretty amazing pumpkins.  People and their talents leave me in awe.


There you go!  I hope our post gives you some good ideas this Halloween season. Which pumpkin was your favorite?