"Prom and Prejudice"

Ok ... here's my confession for the day ... I have never read or watched Pride and Prejudice before.  There ... I said it!  I live in a house with the ultimate Pride and Prejudice fans (my mom and sister) and yet, I still myself on the outskirts ... not making the dive into "Mr-Darcy-land".  Haha  So when I first saw Prom and Prejudice, I had no expectations of what the pages held.

And my opinion is ... I loved it!  I think Prom and Prejudice will be a great read for anyone who is already familiar with Pride and Prejudice.  For people like me, it could serve as a way to introduce them to this beloved story. It is a light read and is suitable for teen up to adult readers. I kept wanting to read from the first page. I loved Prom and Prejudice so much! Here’s a sneak peek at this amazing novel:

"The Kiss of a Stranger"

I loved it! It's not an "exercise in brain power" reading ... but it's a "curl up and get lost in" novel. I loved the characters - even though Catherine can get tedious at times ... Crispin makes up for it. Sometimes you just need an easy-read that makes you forget all the troubles around you. "The Kiss of a Stranger" is that book!

Here's a sneak peek at what "The Kiss of a Stranger" is about:

"Dark Mirror"

This book was ... fine. It took awhile to get moving. It wasn't until I was over half way through the book that I started being drawn to the story. I wish there would have been more interaction with the romance side of the story. That might have left me feeling more invested in the characters. I did enjoy the historical facts in the story ... fact mixed with fiction is always a good combination.

It is still a book I would recommend ... it's just not a recommendation that would come with fanfare and fireworks.

Here's some more details on "Dark Mirror":

"A Kiss In Time"

Recently, I have been in the mood for a good book to curl up with, get trapped inside of, and take me away to another time. "A Kiss In Time" did the job. Alex Flinn penned so well, a modern retelling of "Sleeping Beauty". I would definitely recommend this book to others.

With that said ... there were a few flaws (in my opinion) that stopped this book from getting a top rating in my reading book list.  Here's my thoughts on the novel:


Ok ... so I'm off and running ...

The first book I'm posting is "Timeless" by Alexandra Monir.  My Mom read this book first and suggested that I give it a whirl.  At first it took me a couple of chapters to get into this novel, but after those few chapters, I could not put the book down!  As I recall, unlike many books today, "Timeless" is a clean book so it is perfect for any age.  (Especially those who love thrilling romances like me.)  I was happy to find that in the pages I was reading ... there were many surprises that kept me constantly wondering what was going to happen next.  This book found me crying at times, laughing at times, and at the end ... it left me wanting more.  I am definitely keeping my eyes out for the sequel!

Here is a little rundown on what Timeless is about: