"Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children"

You know the old saying … “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”?  This old adage definitely applies to “Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children”.  When I first saw this book, I didn’t know what to expect.  I was pleasantly surprised to find, within it’s pages, and tale of adventure, mystery, monsters, and “peculiar” children.

From the beginning I was trapped.  The book moved along smoothly and I found myself wanting to read more.  The characters were well developed and I loved all the different personalities and traits they all displayed.

However, there were a few things that I struggled with.  I am reluctant to include them in my review because I would rather you read the book and form your own opinion.  I do strongly recommend this novel.  It’s thrilling, suspenseful, and when you reach the end … you are left wanting more.  (And more is definitely on the way.)

Here’s a quick look at what  “Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children” is all about:

"The Book Thief"

I always recommend this book if asked, “What’s a good book to read?”  However, I always recommend it with some hesitation.  If you want a fast read, or a feel-good novel … this book is not for you.  If you love to get wrapped up in the characters, or have your eyes opened to the heartbreak that many people suffered … than this book is for you.

This story is narrated by Death.  At times I found this narration a little depressive but I think that is how Markus Zusak wanted his readers to feel.  Dealth is also dismayed by the events that are happening all around.  At one point, he stomps on a picture of Hitler on his way to retrieve a thousand souls from a bomb raid.  But through all the dark is a spark of color.

The human race is hard to figure out at times and this novel explores all the twists and turns in a time I hope we never have to revisit.  If you want to explore this book further … here’s a little more about it:

"The Forgotten Garden"

I really became quite enchanted with this tale.  The bewitching fairy tales and the charming cottage garden made the book enticing and captured me from the first few pages.  Kate Morton did a beautiful job writing.  I could picture, in my mind, all the events I was reading about … just like watching a movie that only I could see.  I found myself wrapped up in a mystery that kept me guessing as to the outcome.  The twist and turns, and all the transporting my thoughts to different time periods … kept me up all hours of the night reading.

Here is a look at what “The Forgotten Garden” has to offer:

"Sarah's Key"

(*As I was getting ready to publish this post ... I came across a movie trailer for this book!  I am so excited that it is going to be on the big screen.  Hopefully it will live up to what was written on the pages.)

Before and after reading this book, I read many varying reviews.  The way I see it though, is … a novel like “Sarah’s Key” stands on it’s own.  No matter if you love it or hate it - everyone should read this beautifully written account, devoted to the Holocaust.  The author did an amazing job reminding us of the tragic facts that took place many years ago … and in a place we often don’t associate with concentration camps and Jewish mistreatment.  “Sarah‘s Key“ is a book that is captivating, and I have found my mind returning to it many times after I finished reading.  I strongly recommend adding it to your list of “Must Reads”.

Here’s another glimpse at what is inside the pages of “Sarah’s Key”:

"The Hourglass Door"

I thought "The Hourglass Door" was really good.  It has all the stuff an amazing story should have.  Adventure, a bit of mystery, and love story mixed in.  ; )  I would recommend everyone, to read this.  It is an easy read but kept me entertained through the whole thing; a magical story.  Thanks Mom and Sis for telling me to read it!  I love the characters and am so excited to start the next one to find out what happens on a HUGE cliffhanger.  Lisa Mangum did a great job telling the concept of time so we all loved and understood it!  Two thumbs up!  Check out the above video and the summary below!