"It's Three Wishes Wednesday!"

I absolutely L-O-V-E ... LOVE the Awaken series, so coming up with "Three Wishes" this week was easy-peasy!  What more could anyone wish for than more time with friends and family?  Life gets crazy ... there's so many distractions ... and before we know it, another day is over.  And then before we can blink an eye, the week has slipped by!  Trying to find time + building memories with the people who matter most = the challenge of our lives.

So my "Three Wishes" this week is exactly that ... ideas that would be fun, build memories and will get us interacting with each other.
Wish #1
I loved this idea when I saw it!  Who doesn't love Jenga?!  With that said, who wouldn't love a Giant Jenga Game?!!  This would be so easy to make - 2 2x4 pieces (8 feet long) cut into 10.5 inch pieces ... a little sanding ... and voila!  You have hours of fun entertainment!!!
Wish #2
My kids would LOVE this game!  Divide everyone into two teams with a "catcher" on each team.  Mark two lines at both ends of the playing area.  Each team stands behind their line.  Take turns "pitching" a water balloon to the opposing team to see how well they can catch it.  All you need to make this fun play equipment is a bike helmet, a colander and some string to tie the two together.  Let the water fun begin!!!
Wish #3
Can I just say ... THIS LOOKS AWESOME!  When I saw this, I knew I wanted one!  (It seems a little more complicated than the other two "wishes" but we all know someone in our lives that is handy.  Get them working!  haha)

Check out the links below to find out exactly how to build these amazing "Together Time" projects and have fun interacting ... face to face ... building memories with the ones we love!

Giant Jenga
Water Games
Backyard Ker-Plunk

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