3 Wishes Wednesday!!!!

It's Three Wishes Wednesday!!!!

I am going to do something a little different this week.
In honor of "Back To School Week", I am choosing my 3 wishes
with the thoughts of my "babies" going back to school this week! (So Sad)

Wish #1
You might wonder why I picked this as a "Back to School" item BUT just look at it!!
It does EVERYTHING!!! It comes in different colors and it is AMAZING!  I found it on my
new favorite website thinkgeek.com and it is the ultimate putty for the DIY enthusiast!
Here's the link: Sugru Hacking Putty

Wish #2
This is super fun and a "why-didn't-I-think-of-that"?! Roll-up White board!!
You can also find this on thinkgeek.com and it is great for storing
and easy for backpacks!
Here's the link: Zipboard Roll-Up Travel Whiteboard

Wish #3

DIY Home Decor Duvet Twin

A DIY creative masterpiece!  Your kids can create a new look every day between washes.  You can find this at decorativethings.com - Totally worth it and the kids will LOVE it!!
Here is the link: DIY Bedroom Decor


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