"Longing For Home"

All of us have authors we love!  We follow them and keep up with all books out and any new novels soon to be released.  This is the same with me.  I have a list of “favs” and I follow them closely.  One of those on my list is Sarah M. Eden.  She had a new book released September 2nd (“For Elise”), so I decided that today I would review an old one written by her.

“Longing for Home” by Sarah M. Eden, takes you back in time to 1870 Wyoming territory.  A sweet girl named Katie is trying desperately to save money to go home to Ireland and to help her family.  Her life has not been easy and if she thought coming to America would make things easier, she is going to be disappointed.  Katie quickly finds out that the Irish are not held in high regard.  She also finds out that opening up your heart and allowing people into your life can make challenges less overwhelming.  Especially when there are two handsome men who long for Katie’s attention. 

I love most of Sarah M. Eden’s books and this was no exception.  She writes clean and cute romance novels.  This book left me wanting more.  I couldn’t put the novel down until I discovered how everything turned out.  This meant lots of late night reading with very little sleep … the markings of a good story!  Lucky for you … the 2nd book is out and you can read both right now!  Amazing right?  Nothing better than a series that is finished.  Now I need to get reading “For Elise”!

To find out more about this book, read below:

Twenty-six-year-old Katie Macauley has placed all her hope in Hope Springs, a small town in the 1870 Wyoming Territory. But if she wants to return home to Ireland to make amends with her estranged family, she'll need to convince the influential Joseph Archer to hold true to his word and keep her on his payroll as his housekeeper despite her Irish roots. The town is caught in an ongoing feud between the Irish and the "Reds" the frontiersmen who would rather see all the Irish run out of town and the Irish immigrants who are fighting to make a home for themselves in the New World. When Joseph agrees to keep Katie on as his housekeeper, the feud erupts anew, and Katie becomes the reluctant figurehead for the Irish townsfolk. As the violence escalates throughout the town, Katie must choose between the two men who have been vying for her love though only one might be able to restore hope to her heart.

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