These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things!

Christmas is one of my "favorite things"!  I love this time of year ... usually.  However, this season our home has been hit hard by the flu that has been ravaging families across our great country.  So far, more time has been spent washing up floors from missed "sickness runs" to the bathroom, or trying to keep fevers down while cooking Chicken Noodle Soup for those adventurous enough to try eating.  I'm thinking our house is in need of a good miracle to get us moving towards the best Christmas ever!  And that is exactly what I did ... I pulled out my own "Christmas Spirit" miracle.

Here is the perfect remedy!

These are two of my all time favorite Christmas reads!  I have had these books on my shelf for years now and every year I re-read them from front to cover.  They are absolutely perfect for the holiday season.

There is something about reading true Christmas experiences that tug at the heart strings.  Christmas Miracles get you to look at things from a different perspective.  When I am reading these short stories, I am reminded that life is good and there are amazing people all around us.  I am also reminded that miracles still do happen!  We just have to look for them.  Albert Einstein said, "There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is."  If you believe in miracles -- or want to -- let Christmas Miracles light the candle of hope in your heart this year.

If you want to know more about these books ... keep reading below:

Christmas Miracles: Magical True Stories Of Modern-day Miracles

At Christmas, our hearts are touched by reports of wondrous occurrences that make us stop, reflect, and hope. This luminous book shares true accounts of Christmas miracles-- inspiring events that happened to real people at Christmas time, including:

A Christmas Mystery: A deaf boy's generosity is miraculously rewarded

First Christmas: Newlyweds take part in the local Christmas pageant -- and receive a surprising lesson in timeless love

My Christmas Angel: A pro baseball player visits a children's ward to cheer the patients, and is himself transformed

A Heart for Christmas: A series of coincidences brings new life to a little girl

The Stranger: A gentle, mysterious Christmas Eve visitor awes a family

Christmas Saved My Mother: A rabbi tells how his mother, fleeing the Holocaust, was spared on Christmas Eve

George Misses a Shift: Sudden car trouble on Christmas night saves a couple's life... and more.

The Magic Of Christmas Miracles: An All-new Collection Of Inspiring True Stories

Last holiday season, Christmas Miracles touched the hearts of thousands with its inspiring true stories of real people and their miraculous encounters. With The Magic of Christmas Miracles we have a second collection of amazing true stories of people whose lives were forever changed by small, yet wondrous, Yuletide events. Among them are:

The Red Cap: Santa leaves behind a calling card to convince a doubting child.

Epiphany: A walk in the woods with an angel gives a lonely woman new hope.

Lost at Sea: Two racing yachtsmen put aside rivalry in a dramatic Christmas Day rescue in the Indian Ocean.

Fly Away Home: A private plane carrying an unconscious pilot lands safely in an empty field.

. . . and many more to brighten the spirit. The Magic of Christmas Miracles will uplift readers' hearts for this and many future holiday seasons.

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