Bring A Box of Kleenex

As is the tradition when a book is made into a movie, I am there opening night. (I even have my secret spot that I would say are the best seats in the house but no one ever sits there.) When I found out that Gayle Forman's "If I Stay" was movie bound, to say I was excited would be an understatement. The count down began and I watched the trailers over and over picking at it, trying to see if I could pick up if the movie would be true to the book. Opening night came at last. My friend and I talked throughout the day about how excited we were to go and the countdown had turned hourly. 

The movie did NOT disappoint! It was true to the book ... well at least as true as a movie can be.  I was in love with her parents.  Their rocker-down-to-earth attitude (what teenager wouldn't love to have parents like that) made for comedic points through the movie and brought a smile to my face while tears rolled from my eyes. To say you need a tissue in this movie is a sever understatement - you need the whole box. 

ChloĆ« Grace Moretz as Mia Hall was amazing. She was believable and beautiful and I fell in love with her right from the start. To watch her play the cello and her love for music made me wish I could play and have such an all consuming first love like she did.

Now here is where the debate comes in ... I thought Jamie Blackley as Adam was a good match.  My girlfriend didn't agree.  She said he wasn't hot enough to be Adam. My thoughts are Rockers are not usually hot.  It's their music and their essence of coolness that makes them hot. I mean, don't get me wrong there are good looking rockers out there ... Jared Leto, Kurt Cobain, and when I was a 7 year old girl ... David Bowie in the Labyrinth.

 However, there are more not so good looking ones. You be the judge.  What kind of Rocker is Jamie Blackley?

Over all I loved loved loved the movie and can't wait to go see it again. I give this movie 4 stars out of 5 and would recommend this movie to anyone 17+ as there is some more mature content in the movie and the book. If you're reading this to find out if she stays ... well ... you're just going to have to go watch the movie or better yet, read the book first and then go watch the movie! 

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Tanis said...

I hadn't seen that new trailer-- it made me cry.. i think I need to go see this movie and bring my box of kleenex! Loved the book!

Tiffany Gilchrist said...

Oh Tanis it was so good!!! If you want someone to cry with let me know I am always willing to go again;)

The Fox Family said...

One of my all time favorite movies! Definitely don't forget your kleenex!!! And about the casting of Adam ... PERFECT! I don't know of too many "Rockers" who are chiseled, model perfection. Plus, I think his "cute-boy-next-door" look makes him connectable. For me personally, his cuteness comes out when he smiles at her or in the way he looks at her. He's the perfect "Adam" in my books!