3 Wishes Wednesday!!!

"My 3 Wishes Wednesday"!!

Here are my Fav's for the week!  I thought I would keep it in the theme of the book ~ Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier and go with "Luscious Red" goodies .... So here it goes! 

Wish #1

This necklace says "Time Travel" all the way!  And if you look at it really close ... you can see the "rubies" on the face of the pendant.  I absolutely fell in love with it the first time I saw it.  If you love it as much as me ... here's the link:  Time Travel Necklace

Wish #2

Fall is right around the corner and these are perfect!  Who doesn't love Boot Cuffs Topper Socks.  I especially love the splash of red and the flower bead detail.  They will even do custom orders for you.  Check them out:
Boot Cuffs Topper Socks

Wish #3

Another fav ... this "Ruby Red" timepiece!  How cute is this!!!  Check this watch out here:  Ruby Red Timepiece

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