Another Give-Away And The Vegas Valley Book Festival

Yes ... it's time for another GIVE-AWAY!!!  Want a peek at what we are sending your way if you win?  Here it is ...
(Signed bookmarks ... pins ... "The Twisted Take of Ruby Hood" bracelet ... "So Many Books So Little Time" charm necklace ... and Princess For Hire by one of our favorite authors!)

SOOOO CUTE!  I actually want it for myself but it's yours ... if you enter ... and if your name is drawn.  We LOVE giving out fun books and amazing items to go with it!  And this time ... I am so thrilled with our latest one!  So keep reading and we will tell you how to enter!
This past weekend, Christmas hit early!  We had the opportunity to attend the "Vegas Valley Book Festival" and it was AMAZING!!!  Armed with our suitcases full of books, we hopped around from tent to tent, listening to authors and getting our books signed.

The Festival kicked off Thursday evening at 7:00 pm.  B.J. Novak was the keynote speaker.  He spent the hour talking about his time on The Office and the behind the scenes writing process.  He also spoke about his first book, One More Thing: Stories And Other Stories.  He read passages from his novel and we all laughed.  He also introduced his children's book ... The Book With No Pictures.  He asked all the kids in the audience to come on stage and he proceeded to read the story to them.  They, as well as all of us in the audience, were pulled into his tale and we laughed along with each line he read.

Saturday was our busy day!  Young Adult authors from all over the country came to speak to those gathered about their latest books.  They also shared with us news about upcoming projects they are working on and gave helpful hints to aspiring authors.  We also found out that Channing Tatum was in town filming Magic Mike 2!  (Look at all the helpful information we came away with.  haha)  It was AWESOME!  The authors all took the time to speak with us as a group and each individually.  They were so nice and kept us entertained the entire time.

By the end of the day, we were exhausted!  However, we walked away with smiles on our faces and arms full of books.  Here are the books we picked up this year:
Let the reading fun begin!!!

OK ... so here is your part ... how do you enter?!  Go down to the very bottom of this post and simply ENTER!!!  You have almost two weeks!!!

Here are some of the authors who came to the Vegas Valley Book Festival this year:

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To see a list of the authors who attended, keep reading ...

"Celebrating Our Sesquicentennial" - Vicki-Ann Bush, Tracy Clark, C.L. Gaber, Stephanie Greenhalgh, Shaunta Grimes, Christene Houston, Jessie Humphries, Lindsey Leavitt, and Diane Crawford.

"The Future's So Bright, We Have To Be Saved" - Elizabeth Fama, Demitria Lunetta, Lynne Matson, Mindy McGinnis, Jodi Meadows, Lissa Price, Karri Thompson, Amy Tintera, Lisa Dess, and Sarah Vela.

"Finding Yourself" - Alsaid Adi, Maurene Goo, Geoff Herbach, Jessi Kirby, Nicole McInnes, Margaree Mitchell, Sarah Ockler, Wendy Wunder, and Candice McCallum.

"Discover A New World" - Renee Collins, Christina Farley, Tessa Gratton, Sara B. Larson, Lori M. Lee, Sara Raasch, Katheryn Rose, Sherry Thomas, and Veeda Bybee.

"The Thrill Of A Good Mystery" - Ted (T.M.) Goeglein, Abigail Haas, Stephanie Kuehn, Michelle Madow, Gretchen McNeil, Brooklyn Skye, Ann Stampler, Alan Zadoff, and Shelby Guinn.

"Tween Reads" - Jen Calonita, Ally Carter, Elizabeth Eulberg, Bruce Hale, Varian Johnson, Lisa Schroeder, D.J. MacHale, and Susan Slykerman.

"College Has Never Looked So Hot" - Cora Carmack, J. Crownover, Sophie Jordan, Jen McLaughlin, Monica Murphy, Tracy Wolff, and Erica Babbitt.

"Who's Afraid Of These Authors" - Shean Beaudoin, J.R. Johansson, Whitney Miller, Hillary Monahan, Natalie Parker, Kate Karyus Quinn, April Genevieve Tucholke, and Courtney Alameda.

"The Magic Of Paranormal" - Brodi Ashton, Sarah Rees Brennan, Tracy Deebs, Nancy Holder, Brigid Kemmerer, and Shallee McAuthur.

"More Than A Love Story" - Kelly Fiore, Carrie Mesrobian, Lisa Schroeder, Angie Stanton, Sarah Tregay, Rachel M. Wilson, and Michelle Malone.

"Books For Your Younger Sister Or Brother" - Kim Baker, Scott Bly, Meghan Dougherty, Peggy Eddleman, C.R. Grey, D.J. MacHale, Jennifer Nielsen, and Teri Dean.

"It's All Fun And Games Until You Turn 18" - Angela Corbett, Melody Grace, Christina Lee, Erin McCarthy, Lexi Ryan, Jessica Sorensen, Brooklyn Skye, and Nikki Bylina-Streets.

"A Sampling Of The Supernatural" - Chris Cannon, Angela Corbett, Rebecca Ethington, Tara Hudson, Jana Oliver, Alexia Purdy, and Jenna Johnson.

"Things Your Science Teacher Forgot To Warn You About" - Jessica Brody, Kimberly Derting, Sophie Jordan, Lydia Kang, R.C. Lewis, Meredeth McCardle, Suzanne Young, and Tera Lynn Childs.


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Britt said...

Love it!

The Fox Family said...

I can't pick just one that I want to read. They all look amazing!!! I guess the first one I'm going to dive into ... The Taking!

Kassie Petersen said...

Favorite book from the pictures?!?! Hmmm have not read many of those...I have lots to read! ;) haha I will have to say "Evertrue" cause I did read that and it was the best book out of that series!

Tanis said...

so many books, so little time (and money to buy them!! lol)